• Museums
    Museums People Counting in Museums
  • Make & Model recognition
    Make & Model recognition
  • Change Detection
    Change Detection Change Detection for Counter-IED
  • Mixed traffic Kleine Berg
    Mixed traffic Kleine Berg
  • Peak lane detection RWS
    Peak lane detection RWS
  • Events
    Events People Counting in Events & Festivals
  • Rijkswaterstaat Slimme Camera's Spitsstroken
    Rijkswaterstaat Slimme Camera's Spitsstroken Rijkswaterstaat test slimme camera's om spitsstroken automatisch te kunnen openen
  • Shopping Centers
    Shopping Centers People Counting inside shopping centers
  • Airports
    Airports People Counting in Airports
  • Ship Detection
    Ship Detection Detect and track ships in harbors
  • Shopping Streets
    Shopping Streets People Counting in Shopping Streets

Computer Vision Products

ViNotion offers intelligent technological solutions for people counting, change detection and custom solutions, using video cameras and analysis computer systems.

People Counting: ViSense

The ViSense system automatically counts people that pass through the viewing area of the camera.
In contrast to other counting systems, the system counts people with high accuracy in wide open areas, even in low light conditions.The system is robust for usage indoor as well as outdoor, under all weather circumstances and light conditions. The service provides 24/7, fully automated reports and trend analysis for valuable operational insight. These reports are automatically generated and presented in a user-friendly format. Different counting statistics can be selected, showing the number of people per week, day or hour. Multiple counting cameras can be combined to generate the statistics of larger areas.

Change Detection for CIEDs

An advanced camerasystem for the detection of important changes in the environment during route-clearance operations. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are the largest cause of deadly victoms amongst NATO forces. IEDs are constructed from different materials and have different appearances. The devices can be found using change detection by comparing a situation with a recording of the scene from the past. Goal of the change detection system is the assistence at military route-clearance operations and transports. The system points the operator at clear changes in the environment during the driving of the vehicle. These changes can point at threats in the form of remainders of ammonition, soil changes or markings in trees or different changes in the environment.


Custom-made Solutions

ViNotion offers adequate custom-made solutions adjusted to all specific needs because each situation is unique. Solutions vary from software libraries integratable in existing systems to complete systems including the hardware platform.