• Rijkswaterstaat Slimme Camera's Spitsstroken
    Rijkswaterstaat Slimme Camera's Spitsstroken
  • Mixed traffic Kleine Berg
    Mixed traffic Kleine Berg
  • Peak lane detection RWS
    Peak lane detection RWS
  • Make & Model recognition
    Make & Model recognition
  • Change Detection
    Change Detection
  • Ship Detection
    Ship Detection

Custom-made Solutions

ViNotion offers adequate custom-made solutions adjusted to all specific needs because each situation is unique. Solutions vary from software libraries integratable in existing systems to complete systems including the hardware platform.

Inspired by the knowledge of the human visual system, ViNotion has developed image analysis technology that enables the recognition of any object. Unique properties distinguish the object in the image, such as the shape, colour or texture. This technology can be applied to detect or recognize objects in photos, videos, or large image databases. With the use of self-learning algorithms, different objects can be filtered, depending on specific needs.