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Make & Model recognition


Verkeer klein2In the summer of 2015 ViNotion was approached by the Dutch National Police Services, asking for a solution for automatic recognition of vehicle make and model without the need for license plate recognition.

Despite the fact that ViNotion is specialized in intelligent image analysis, it had little experience with classifying vehicles. During a test period of three weeks ViNotion has demonstrated it is able to classify make and model based on the shape of the vehicle. During the test 55 car types where classified with an accuracy of 89%.

An official pilot started in May 2016. A test location was made available by the Dutch National Police Services in Harmelen. In a short period ViNotion has developed a make and model recognition system which can classify 500 different car types. On the basis of three experiments which were commissioned by the Dutch National Police Services and which were evaluated by an outside company we can draw the following conclusions. ViNotion is able to classify the make and model of cars with an accuracy of 96%. In this experiment no less than 500 different car types where used in the classification model. When video footage is used instead of still images, ViNotion achieves an accuracy of 97%.

ViNotion is working on the continuous improvement of the make and model recognition product. Additionally, ViNotion strives to keep the make and model recognition up to date with the latest developments in the car industry.