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    Rijkswaterstaat Slimme Camera's Spitsstroken
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    Ship Detection

APPS: Ship detection and classification

Within the international ITEA project Advancing Plug & Play Surveillance (APPS), ViNotion is developing recognition technology for maritime applications. The APPS project focuses on extending the current radar-based Vessel Tracking System (VTS) with additional sensors in harbors and along the coast, to support harbor traffic operators.
ViNotion is researching advanced ship detection and classification algorithms. Of all moving objects, ships have the most variation in visual appearance, making the detection problem very complex and challenging. With the new technology, detection of these ships is possible with a high accuracy. Once a ship is detected, it is classified into 25 different ship classes, ranging from seaworthy container ships, oil tankers, sailing vessels to speedboats.

In February 2017, the detection and classification technology was demonstrated at the Port of Rotterdam. The demonstration was a cooperation with the Dutch partners Microflown, Siqura, Thales, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Port of Rotterdam, and the international APPS partners from Turkey (Aselsan, SRDC, Nanobiz), Spain (Nunsys, Prodevelop, ITI) and South Korea (GMT).


• Ship detection and tracking in video imagery
• Detect ships that are invisible for radar (small speedboats)
• Real-world (GPS) position calculation for integration in the Vessel Traffic System (VTS)
• Extension of current radar-based detection systems


• Detection and tracking of even small ships that are undetectable by radar
• Validation and improvement of ship tracks detected by radar and AIS
• Virtual fences in the water to detect and count ships in the waterway
• Coastline surveillance with virtual fences
• Integration in the Vessel Traffic System (VTS)
• Automatically measure speed and size of ships
• Estimate arrival times for bridges