Traffic Counting Kleine Berg

Kleine berg

Late last year the ViSense system was deployed behind the Central Station in Amsterdam. This is a crowded situation where ferries land and people are in a hurry and often touchy. It is also a place where thousands of cyclists pass through on their way from one end of Amsterdam to the other. Increasingly, municipalities are looking for insight into these streams of mixed traffic in situations where there are no clear traffic rules. In light of these situations, for the City of Eindhoven, in March of this year ViNotion has counted all traffic on Kleine Berg for one week. Kleine Berg is an increasingly busy intersection of three streets where pedestrians, cyclists, cars and trucks pass through without road markings or traffic lights. The objective of the project was to measure the crowds and to understand how the intersection is used by the various participants.

For the project the ViSense CrowdDynamics system was used as a basis. A customized solution for identifying and distinguishing bicycles, cars and trucks was created and added. For a complete view of the crossing, three systems were installed, one for each approach to the intersection. The systems were then calibrated so the locations of all traffic could be set to GPS coordinates. By combining the data of the three systems ViNotion had a complete oversight of all traffic at the intersection. The raw counting data was then processed by ViNotion  and made into a detailed report  for the city of Eindhoven. 

The Results

In one week of counting ViSense has counted over 75,000 road users. More than half of these were pedestrians, followed by bicycles (42%) and to a much lesser extent cars (6%) and trucks (1%). During week days a clear peak in the number of cyclists was visible during morning and evening rush. On the weekends this peak was not present, but there was a doubling of pedestrians in comparison to weekdays. There were also some remarkable findings, during the morning some cars went against traffic and also during the entire week, there was not a single hour where no traffic was counted. So Kleine Berg truly is a lively piece of Eindhoven.