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People Counting: ViSense

Register the number and movement of your visitors is essential when managing shopping centers, organise events or sell real estate. Such traffic measurements are fundamental for a good analysis. With this data it is possible to evaluate customer behaviour, for example to increase customer satisfaction in shopping centres, or to measure the effect of promotion activities in a city or at an event. The real-time measurements enable inmmediate response to logistic problems and support crowd-control.

ViNotion has developed ViSense: the system that provides accurate and reliable real-time people counting and traffic data. For more information about the product and the possibilities, find more information on the ViSense website.

Making Sense of Dynamics

The System

The ViSense system automatically counts people that pass through the viewing area of the camera.
In contrast to other counting systems, the system counts people with high accuracy in wide open areas, even in low light conditions.
The system is robust for usage indoor as well as outdoor, under all weather circumstances and light conditions. The service provides 24/7, fully automated reports and trend analysis for valuable operational insight. These reports are automatically generated and presented in a user-friendly format. Different counting statistics can be selected, showing the number of people per week, day or hour. Multiple counting cameras can be combined to generate the statistics of larger areas.


  • Single camera counts people in crowds and large areas
  • Measures up to 24m in width
  • High accuracy, typically >95%
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible installation position
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation
  • No false countings, only counts people
  • Suitable for marketing,crowd control, logistics, etc.
  • The system counts 24/7
  • The counting information can be easily integrated in an existing data management system


  • Events
  • Shoppings centers
  • Shopping streets
  • City centers
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Museums, etc.

Count Statistics

  • Web-based user interface, runs in any browser
  • Accessible anywhere with internet connection
  • Different visualizations of data
  • Show counts over hour, week, day, week, month or year
  • Enables comparison over different time intervals and recognition of trends

Temporary Counting

In some cases it is interesting to count people only for a certain limited time. For example, analyzing different locations to determine the optimal location for a new shop(ping center) or to measure the amount of visitors of your festival. The counting system can be leased for a certain limited time to count people temporarily.

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