We develop products to make cameras smart, so that mobility and safety can be measured live.

ViSense CrowdDynamics

ViSense CrowdDynamics gives insight into the dynamic behavior of both pedestrians and cyclists. This statistical data not only comprises insight into the number of visitors, but also maps their direction of movement, their velocities and can even uncover abnormal behavior. This enables crowd managers to improve safety and efficiency in Smart Cities.

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ViSense TrafficDynamics

ViSense TrafficDynamics provides real-time traffic analysis on national and regional roads. Our product simultaneously monitors 4 driving lanes, where it detects vehicles and measures their driving speed. ViNotion TrafficDynamics is easily integrated into existing traffic management systems. Furthermore, our advanced Make and Model recognition can also be employed for tolling systems or to detect and counter vehicle crime.

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ViSense UrbanDynamics

ViSense UrbanDynamics gives insight in complex traffic scenarios by analyzing the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists, motorized vehicles and other traffic participants. This product can be employed to optimize the traffic flow in complex environments, reveal dangerous traffic situations or to re-calibrate an existing traffic management system.

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ViSense MaritimeDynamics

ViSense MaritimeDynamics offers automated detection and classification of vessels, ranging from small yachts to large container ships. Furthermore, this product also provides the navigation speed, direction and the real-world GPS position of each vessel. This enables efficient law enforcement, such as automated alarms when vessels enter prohibited areas.

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ViSense Services

ViNotion Services offers solutions in the field of (temporary) mobile measurement, traffic validations and traffic studies. In this process we attempt to obtain a complete picture of the locations using GPS and/or field visits. After agreement on the project orientations and objectives you will receive a quotation, plan of action and an image plan. Optional items are included as such in the tender. You can also choose to set up a visualization dashboard, at will.

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