Welcome to ViNotion

ViNotion is a specialist in the field of automated video content analysis using innovative techniques such as machine learning and deep learning. ViNotion was founded 10 years ago as a "spin-off" of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

ViNotion is a specialist in the field of automated content analysis. Using innovative techniques such as Machine- and Deep Learning, ViNotion creates software solutions that are able to automatically detect and classify traffic participants in real-time.

Our products are able to learn and model specific objects from photo- and video examples. This technology is used in our smart surveillance systems, which are focused on the following applications:

  1. Analysis of pedestrians and cyclists; ViSense CrowdDynamics;
  2. Analysis of motorized vehicles; ViSense TrafficDynamics;
  3. Mobility analysis and consultancy; ViSense UrbanDynamics;
  4. Waterway analysis and management; ViSense MaritimeDynamics.

Our software solutions generate statistical data from video images, enabling our customers to take control of the situation. Our product range gives insight in the dynamic nature of traffic, such as the number of traffic participants, their movement speed, traversed paths, crowd density, congestion information and much more.


ViNotion was founded in March 2007 as a spin-off of the Video Coding and Architectures research group (VCA) at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). ViNotion develops software for intelligent video analysis and participates in both national and international innovation projects. ViNotion has built upon specialized experience in the development of video content analysis, optimized for real-time traffic analysis. For the Research & Development program, ViNotion collaborates closely with the TU/e.

Mission statement

To develop and deploy high-tech innovations using image analysis technologies for creating valuable insights.


We offer the most extensive information available on the market with guaranteed privacy. This way, we create insight for every situation involving people and traffic. In 2022, ViSense will be used in the top 10 cities of The Netherlands and world-wide in at least 10 countries.