Innovative mobility professionals at Intertraffic Amsterdam

31 March 2022

Yesterday and today my son (Marketing & Sales intern at ViNotion BV) and I visited Intertraffic Amsterdam: the fair for innovative mobility professionals. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will present a large number of interactive sessions and workshops here. The focus is on tackling mobility issues in relation…

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ISO 27001 recertification

22 March 2022

Since 2019, ViNotion is in the possession of the ISO 27001 certificate, issued by BSI (British Standards Institution). ISO 27001 is the ISO standard for information security. Because a certificate expires after 3 years, BSI performed a recertification audit last week and this was succesfully completed. With this, ViNotion has proven that ViNotion continues to comply with the…

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Win a ViNotion Doppers drinking bottle and a voucher

28 December 2021

We received some nice reactions to our” work-from-home-kit”. This kit included a Dopper ViNotion drinking bottle. Unfortunately we don’t sell these but we offer you the chance to win one. In addition, we add a voucher worth €30. What do you have to do for this? Click on the…

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Linking ViSense to iTLC’s: our product manager explains

22 December 2021

(Dutch only) iVRI geschikt maken voor een volledig verkeersoverzicht door:  Joris Kaper  Hoe richt je de infrastructuur of onderhoud aan het wegennet in aan de hand van nieuwe mobiliteitstrends? Met dat vraagstuk houdt ViNotion zich bezig. Een detailinzicht van alle mobiliteitscijfers wordt steeds belangrijker en dus is een juiste meting…

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The Province of Noord-Holland has tested sensors ViNotion

25 November 2021

The Province of Noord-Holland has, among other things, tested ViNotion’s sensors to make cyclists visible in the iTLC. Our sensors gave the province full insight into all traffic flows at the intersection. Thanks to our link with the iTLC, all cyclists are visible, with or without a cycling app. In…

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Work-from-home-kit ViNotion employees

26 October 2021

As part of the new way of working, partly at home, partly at the office, we treated our employees to a small gift this morning. In the background you can see a cameo from one of our colleagues. In line with our policy: blurred for privacy reasons.. 😉

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Volkskrant article reports about our research into deepfake technology

18 May 2021

We are proud of our colleagues who have scored an article in De Volkskrant with their work (deep-fake technology). Deep-fake technology can also be used to anonymize privacy-sensitive images. This in a much better way than standard blur. Instead of using the face of an existing person, the artificial intelligence…

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Feasibility study for ProRail regarding suicide prevention

6 May 2021

ViNotion and conducted a feasibility study for ProRail in the past few months. The scope of the study was twofold: (1) falling and (2) suicide prevention & detection. We researched if it was possible to develop a solution to decrease the number of people falling and committing suicide in railway environments. We are…

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Data ViNotion flows over ‘digital twin’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

28 April 2021

Do you know what a digital twin is? This is when a physical object, or in this case a city, is virtually represented as a digital real-time counterpart.In the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the data from ViNotion flows over such a digital copy. Together with Argaleo, the municipality has developed a…

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ViNotion’s vision (blog):
“Big Brother is watching collecting data about you!”

18 February 2021

Sales for smart devices are increasing. These devices are installed in your home, or even carried with you 24 hours a day. Have you ever thought about how much of your private life you are giving away to 3rd parties and do you know what happens with that data? This…

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