EU project on terrorism protection (ProTECT) recognizes ViNotion technology.

5 August 2020

Protect is a EU project on terrorism protection. The PRoTECT project aims to strengthen local authorities’ capabilities in Public Protection by putting in place an overarching concept where tools, technology, training and field demonstrations will lead to situational awareness and improve direct responses to secure public places pre, in, and…

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This animation shows how ViNotion contributes to a safer harbour within the project.

21 July 2020

This animation shows the project and how ViNotion contributes with its ai systems to a safer harbour.

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ViNotion researches the vision analyst options for ERTMS.

10 July 2020

The European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS is the international standard for train protection, also outside Europe. ERTMS is built in trains and in the infrastructure of the track. ProRail is thus switching from an analogue to a digital track. ViNotion participated in ProRail’s market exploration session (ERTMS ASAP). The…

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ViNotion’s smart sensors support the eco-system.

25 June 2020

Reduce your ecological footprint. At all levels of society, this is considered one of the greatest challenges to be overcome. If you focus on traffic, you see that many studies show that (electric) bicycles and modalities (car sharing) are gaining popularity and that (smart) cities are struggling with these trends.…

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Visense panic detection at train stations, airports and in shopping centers.

4 June 2020

You have probably seen the images of the riots in America. In addition to (among other things) detecting vehicles and people, our ViSense software can recognize certain congestion and the outbreak of such panic situations. This by analyzing the movement patterns of large numbers of people. Our products are based…

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synthetic videos as trainings data.

25 May 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Video Content Analysis has unprecedented possibilities. As an expert in this playing field, ViNotion has already developed various solutions based on AI VCA. Think of rush-hour lane optimization, brand and model recognition, monitoring public safety and recently the 1.5 meter social distance measurements. Obtaining / realizing training…

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Safe bridge operation with artificial intelligence.

20 May 2020

Safe bridge operation.Situational awareness is key for safe operations of bridges. Artificial Intelligence (automated detection and triggers) supports the observer in the operating process. Below is an example of the use case.Together with Heijmans we are working on a solution. Interested in more details? Contact us:

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ViNotion’s vision (blog): “Measure fever with cameras against corona.”

15 May 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus has spread all over the world at a very rapid rate since the end of 2019, and is holding our society in its grip. In order to prevent further spread, it is important to quickly isolate infected people. At airports and other public locations, ‘fever measurements’ are…

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BNR Nieuwsradio interviews Egbert Jaspers about technology against corona virus.

22 April 2020

ViNotion’s smart camera technology can help organizations maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between people. Bas van Werven of BNR Nieuwsradio called CEO Egbert Jaspers this morning for further information.

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Eindhovens Dagblad: “6 feet of distance police” in the making; this system from Eindhoven can monitor corona rules

15 April 2020

Keep 6 feet away in the supermarket, at the station, on the Stratumseind, during a concert. We have to get used to it, says the government. But who will supervise this? An Eindhoven-based company is working on a solution: smart cameras that flawlessly register who has no interest in the…

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