The pressure on our mobility is increasing

Publication in Trends 2020, extra edition of OV-Magazine, Verkeer in Beeld en Verkeerskunde, year 9, December 2019 ViNotion, a high end specialist in the field of automated image analysis with machine learning. Egbert Jaspers, director of ViNotion, sees that mobility receives a lot of attention. This offers opportunities and challenges. “Sustainability is of course one…

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The 2019 European ITS Congress hosted by ERTICO-ITS Europe will be taking place in The Netherlands this year. Between June 2nd and June 6th the Brainport region is buzzing with brand new ITS technologies and concepts. ViNotion will be attending as one of the exhibitors.  DUTCH STREET The Netherlands has a unique approach toward Smart…

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Media announcement research smart cameras along highway

From September 12, ViNotion will start doing research to improve the traffic safety and flow using intelligent cameras. For this purpose, two cameras will be placed along the A67 highway near Geldrop. During the investigation that will last for one year, recordings will be made from passing vehicles on the A67. Using the license plate,…

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PASSAnT Project: Innovation for safer ports and transport

April 12, 2018 ViNotion participates in the “PASSAnT” project by applying their recognition technology for port safety. Ports are important logistical nodes with a large economical value. The PLAtform for innovative Security Solutions hArbours & Terminals (PASSAnT) aims to secure these areas from criminals while not obstructing nor limiting the operational activities of these ports.Within…

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Innovative premiere: traffic counting using drone video

March 2, 2018, Eindhoven ViNotion is a specialist in the field of automated video analysis. Using Machine and Deep Learning, ViNotion realizes her ‘TrafficDynamics’ solutions that detect and classify traffic fully automatically and in real-time. These measurements provide insights into the dynamics of the traffic flows. The extracted data includes countings, speed, movement trajectories, GPS…

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Traffic analysis using a drone

ViNotion has, in collaboration with Antea Group, Rijkswaterstaat, Delft Dynamics and Dufec,  used a cable-connected drone to count traffic on the A1 highway near Muiden. “Counting traffic using a drone is safer, more accurate and more efficient. We require less manpower at the roadside and all processing is performed in a closed circuit system. When…

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Smart cameras for automatic management of peak-hour lanes

The project “Smart Cameras” investigates the possibilities to automize the monitoring process of managed lanes on highways. During peak hours, the shoulder lane is opened for regular traffic. The project is a cooperation between the Dutch Road Authorities, the Traffic Innovation Center and ViNotion. In the current situation, a traffic operator has to manually inspect…

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