Eindhovens Dagblad: “6 feet of distance police” in the making; this system from Eindhoven can monitor corona rules

Keep 6 feet away in the supermarket, at the station, on the Stratumseind, during a concert. We have to get used to it, says the government. But who will supervise this? An Eindhoven-based company is working on a solution: smart cameras that flawlessly register who has no interest in the new manners.

And who is going to maintain that? When Prime Minister Mark Rutte repeated the new word ‘one and a half meter society’ several times during his press conference last week, that question was immediately asked by many. Because how are we going to do that in school, on the train, in the catering industry, the supermarket, the hospital, the weekly market in Helmond and in the Philips Stadium? An Eindhoven company thinks it has a solution. ViNotion’s digital eyes are able to monitor many people at the same time. Smart software can analyze the images from cameras and measure the distance between people in a fraction of a second.

With the aim of pointing people to what should be regarded as the new standard for the time being: keeping another half meter away. For example, the system can be linked to a public address system or screens to address people about behavior. ViNotion has now adapted existing technology in such a way that such a camera analysis system can be installed in public spaces, hospitals, supermarkets and stations within a week. That’s what ViNotion’s Azem Kariman says.

That company is no stranger to the region. Last year, the twenty-person company, together with TU / e, Defense and TNO, developed a system to detect roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. The systems also recognize impending fights at the Stratumseind ​​or breakdowns or dropped loads on the A2. And now also whether “Peter” is less than one and a half meters from “Paul”.

Maintaining the new manners causes headaches. For example, municipalities incur high costs for monitoring compliance with the corona rules. This Easter weekend, Rotterdam is using camera cars against violations. It was previously announced that investigative authorities only intervene in cases involving violence, vulnerable victims and morals. It is a harbinger of what lies ahead, thinks Kariman. “We will have to monitor large groups of people. Soon, when we go back to work or school, we will be like cows that have to go out to pasture again. ”

The company says that supermarkets, among others, show concrete interest in the “corona system”. Kariman: “The NS wanted to know whether the system can also count on the optimal number of people on the train, taking into account the distance of one and a half meters.”

source: https://www.ed.nl/eindhoven/digitale-anderhalvemeterpolitie-in-de-maak-dit-systeem-uit-eindhoven-kan-toezien-op-coronaregels~adb1add3/