synthetic videos as trainings data.

Artificial Intelligence and Video Content Analysis has unprecedented possibilities. As an expert in this playing field, ViNotion has already developed various solutions based on AI VCA. Think of rush-hour lane optimization, brand and model recognition, monitoring public safety and recently the 1.5 meter social distance measurements.

Obtaining / realizing training material is essential to serve a wide range of use cases. With the current AVG / GDPR regulations, the recording and use of project data is bound by strict rules that we as a company welcome and which we conform to. However, it also brings us to the challenge of how to get good training data. Our solution for this is synthetic data, or truthful simulation images.

This allows us to simulate any desired traffic situation, without physically installing a roadside camera and relying on specific traffic patterns. In this way we ensure that our ViSense software has the highest accuracy within every conceivable traffic scenario.