Volkskrant article reports about our research into deepfake technology

We are proud of our colleagues who have scored an article in De Volkskrant with their work (deep-fake technology).

Deep-fake technology can also be used to anonymize privacy-sensitive images. This in a much better way than standard blur. Instead of using the face of an existing person, the artificial intelligence behind deepfake can also “make up” faces itself. In this way, there no longer need to be blurred faces in our privacy-sensitive data, but razor-sharp faces of non-existent people. This has been proven to be more effective in hiding the identity of the original person.

Click here to read the full article: https://www.volkskrant.nl/wetenschap/zo-heeft-deepfake-wel-nut-om-ai-te-leren-gezichten-te-herkennen~bb35ab7e/