ViNotion researches the vision analyst options for ERTMS.

The European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS is the international standard for train protection, also outside Europe. ERTMS is built in trains and in the infrastructure of the track. ProRail is thus switching from an analogue to a digital track.

ViNotion participated in ProRail’s market exploration session (ERTMS ASAP). The purpose of the session: how can the business community help accelerate the implementation by approximately 10 years? The task is enormous: making the step from Operational Technology (OT) to Information Technology (IT) on the track. Data thus becomes the guiding principle for managing the railway network. Data can be retrieved over and on the track from various sensors. For example, reliable data will be requested that must be visually validable, such as triggers for safe / unsafe zone, occupancy and more.

ViNotion can be of added value within ERTMS by realizing situational awareness, which will increase the speed of action in various processes. ProRail also wants to really start thinking “out of the box” and offers a Wild Card option for innovation.