ViNotion’s smart sensors support the eco-system.

Reduce your ecological footprint. At all levels of society, this is considered one of the greatest challenges to be overcome. If you focus on traffic, you see that many studies show that (electric) bicycles and modalities (car sharing) are gaining popularity and that (smart) cities are struggling with these trends.

Smart sensors can support cities and traffic advisers in this. The questions that the above parties must answer:

– Are we equipped to handle an increase of (for example) 5% of a shift in the transport modality
– How do we create sufficient space for these modalities in our cities and where?
– which interventions generate the greatest effect?
– How do we generally keep this situation sustainable and scalable?

The answer is not easy, but the answer lies in technological progress. That’s why ViNotion supports the above ecosystem to shape the cities of the future by leveraging our expertise in AI Video Content Analytics Software Development.