ViSense CrowdDynamics

ViSense CrowdDynamics registers the number of visitors and their movement patterns. This information is essential for managing a mall, organizing events or for selling real estate. The high accuracy of the ViSense data is fundamental for making strategic choices in your activities. The ViSense software is designed to specifically detect persons and the counting results are therefore not affected by other objects, such as trees or animals.

ViSense CrowdDynamics can be used to monitor the behavior of customers, to increase client satisfaction levels in malls or to measure the effect of promotional activities. Moreover, the real-time measurements enable you to respond directly to potential congestions, e.g. by efficient routing of crowds during events.


ViSense can provide information for various purposes. Here, we list some examples of how ViSense can help you and your company.


Insight into visitors

As the manager of a shopping mall, you can use ViSense to gather information on the number of visitors, the influence of special events and promotions and how this translates to the number of customers and  sales. ViSense can also provide municipalities with relevant information about the actual capacity of their pedestrian and cyclist lanes.


Smart Cities and public safety

ViSense can be employed to improve public safety in nightlife areas, at festivals and other environments. ViSense can be directly coupled to existing surveillance rooms and offer information on the crowdedness and walking patterns of visitors, but can also warn when abnormal or aggressive behavior occurs.


Event management

When organizing an event, it is important to know where your visitors are located and to have up-to-date information on the congestion of the different areas.  This requires that you continuously monitor the pedestrian flow and the number of pedestrians entering an area, enabling efficient routing of crowds.


What is ViSense?

ViSense is a professional system that delivers reliable and real-time statistics on the behavior of pedestrians and other traffic participants.

The ViSense system

The ViSense system consists of an advanced analysis unit and a high-grade camera sensor. The stylish, compact and energy efficient analysis unit is a wise addition to your premises.  With the optional server mount, the analysis unit can be mounted in a 19 inch server rack.


Our vision

ViSense offers more than just people count or vehicle count. The main objective of ViSense is to provide the best possible information and offer complete freedom in choosing which information is desired. 
  • High accuracy

    The accuracy of Visense is formidable. On average, ViSense achieves an accuracy above 95%!

  • Easy to use dashboard

    The ViSense dashboard makes all relevant information easily accessible.

  • Extensions

    We offer additional modules to extend the system capabilities, such as density calculation for an even more detailed visitor analysis.

  • Broad passages

    Analyze traffic flows in passages with a width up to 18 meters using a single system. Wide streets are no issue for the ViSense system.

  • Export data

    ViSense provides an easy export function that makes all relevant information accessible in the most widely used spreadsheet programs, enabling you to perform your own analysis as well.
  • Powered by ViNotion

    The ViSense algorithms are developed by ViNotion, a cutting-edge expert in the field of intelligent image analysis.


Russel Yell
Associate Director Movement Strategies, London, England
The ViSense systems allows us to measure the amount of visitors of the Olympic Park in London, even at wide streets of 20 meter. This has helped in planning for major events in the park and in understanding how successful the legacy transformation of the park has been.
Bart Somers
Mayor Mechelen, Belgium
ViSense allows us to monitor the attractiveness of our retail over time. The accurate data also enables us to compare our shopping district to that of other cities.
Tinus Kanters
Project manager, municipality of Eindhoven, Stratumseind 2.0
The innovative ViSense technology offers a direct insight into the safety situation and movement of the visitors in our nightlife area. For the first time, a combination of sensors is able to predict crowd congestion and aggressive and violent behavior. The system is fully anonymized, ensuring the privacy of our visitors.

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