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ViSense MaritimeDynamics is the specialized product for waterways. The automated detection and classification of all types of vessels gives insight into the usage and safety of harbors, bridges, locks and other inland waterways. ViSense can support or even replace radar and AIS. Contrary to radar, ViSense offers continuous detection on waterways and is not influenced by reflections. AIS data can be verified by our vessel detection, from small yachts up to large container ships.

Safety of harbors and inland waterways can be improved by making more information available to upholders. ViSense delivers information on the vessel type, its GPS location, direction of movement and draft. This allows for law enforcement based on the maximum allowed cruising speed or by denying large vessels to enter shallow waters. Furthermore, the data from ViSense MaritimeDynamics can be coupled with existing control centers for bridges and locks, where our product supports the bridge- and lock-keeper in their daily work. By monitoring traffic on waterways as well as at bridges and in locks, an overall picture of the traffic flow is obtained that raises situational awareness and helps improve safety.


ViSense can provide information for various purposes. Here, we list some examples of how ViSense can help you and your company.


Enforcement on waterways

Waterways are used by many different types of vessels, each having a different maximum cruising speed and draft. By not only detecting vessels, but also classifying, measuring cruising speed, draft and position, ViSense supports enforcement on waterways.


Perimeter security

ViSense MobilityDynamics is able to distinguish between five different vessel types, ranging from small pleasure yachts to large container ships. This allows to verify AIS data and to improve radar detections. By automatic monitoring of your waterways, you can guarantee the safety of your harbor or special objects, such as windmill parks.


Monitoring of bridges and locks

Opening bridges and locks involves many cameras, which need to be monitored by bridge- and lock-keepers. ViSense MaritimeDynamics can support them in their daily work. The position, cruising speed and height of vessels are measured, while the traffic on top of the bridge and vessels inside the lock are monitored as well. This guarantees safe operation.


What is ViSense?

ViSense is a professional system that delivers reliable and real-time statistics on the behavior of pedestrians and other traffic participants.

The ViSense system

The ViSense system consists of an advanced analysis unit and a high-grade camera sensor. The stylish, compact and energy efficient analysis unit is a wise addition to your premises.  With the optional server mount, the analysis unit can be mounted in a 19 inch server rack.


Our vision

ViSense offers more than just people count or vehicle count. The main objective of ViSense is to provide the best possible information and offer complete freedom in choosing which information is desired. 
  • High accuracy

    The accuracy of Visense is formidable. On average, ViSense achieves an accuracy above 95%!

  • Easy to use dashboard

    The ViSense dashboard makes all relevant information easily accessible.

  • Extensions

    We offer additional modules to extend the system capabilities, such as density calculation for an even more detailed visitor analysis.

  • Broad passages

    Analyze traffic flows in passages with a width up to 18 meters using a single system. Wide streets are no issue for the ViSense system.

  • Export data

    ViSense provides an easy export function that makes all relevant information accessible in the most widely used spreadsheet programs, enabling you to perform your own analysis as well.
  • Powered by ViNotion

    The ViSense algorithms are developed by ViNotion, a cutting-edge expert in the field of intelligent image analysis.


Karel Kettelerij
Sr. Advisor Nautical enforcement Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management Holland
For a number of weeks, The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has teamed up with ViNotion. A camera setup has been arranged at the road junction Dordtse Kil – Hollands Diep. ViNotion has implemented automated image analysis using Machine and Deep Learning. With a high degree of accuracy, the data resulting from this image analysis showed that it is possible to determine the position and speed of ships.

They have guided us throughout the entire process in terms of the possibilities and impossibilities of the technology and its possible applications. ViNotion has come up with its thinking. The successful completion of this Proof of Technology and the presentation of the result was carried out jointly.

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