ViSense TrafficDynamics provides real-time traffic analysis on national and regional roads, where a single system is able to monitor 4 driving lanes simultaneously. The system uses machine- and deep learning to perform different measurements using a single sensor, where typically multiple sensors are required. Furthermore, the ViSense system requires less maintenance than existing sensors, as it can be efficiently positioned at the side of the road. This makes roadblocks for camera placement or maintenance a thing of the past.

ViSense detects and classifies every vehicle, making sure nothing escapes you. In addition to regular counting and driving speed measurements, ViSense can also provide the driving lane, GPS position and vehicle model. This information can be used to improve the traffic flow on existing roads by the real-time adjustment of dynamic speed limits, or as input for the progressive signal system ("green wave"). ViSense TrafficDynamics also allows to monitor peak-hour lanes, where suspicious situations can be efficiently monitored from the traffic control center.

The provided API enables easy and reliable integration into existing traffic management systems, traffic control centers or tolling systems. Classification based on vehicle type can be integrated for tolling systems, where vehicle classification can be adjusted to your country (TLS8+1 or Go-Maut).  Furthermore, a more advanced classification in the form of Make and Model Recognition (MMR) can be employed. This provides information on the brand, model and color of each vehicle, without the use of a license plate. This can be used to automatically detect false license plates and trace and locate offenders by their vehicle appearance alone.


ViSense can provide information for various purposes. Here, we list some examples of how ViSense can help you and your company.


Traffic control

The real-time traffic measurements of the ViSense system enable traffic management systems to become more intelligent. Measure vehicle speed, driving lane changes, congestion and much more to efficiently implement a dynamic speed limit or to control the "green wave" progressive signal system.



ViSense TrafficDynamics offers an advanced vehicle classification that enables determining the tolling rate for a vehicle. The system differentiates between vehicle types, such as cars, motor cycles, trucks, (TLS 8+1) or based on the number of axles. These classifications can be integrated into existing tolling systems with minimal adjustments.



Vehicle crime

Typically, license plate recognition is used for tracking down stolen vehicles. However, this technique cannot cope with false license plates and cannot be used when only a description of the appearance is known. The ViSense Make and Model Recognition (MMR) technology allows to identify each type of vehicle, without using the license plate information.


What is ViSense?

ViSense is a professional system that delivers reliable and real-time statistics on the behavior of pedestrians and other traffic participants.

The ViSense system

The ViSense system consists of an advanced analysis unit and a high-grade camera sensor. The stylish, compact and energy efficient analysis unit is a wise addition to your premises.  With the optional server mount, the analysis unit can be mounted in a 19 inch server rack.


De visie van ViSense

ViSense offers more than just people count or vehicle count. The main objective of ViSense is to provide the best possible information and offer complete freedom in choosing which information is desired. 
  • High accuracy

    The accuracy of Visense is formidable. On average, ViSense achieves an accuracy above 95%!

  • Easy to use dashboard

    The ViSense dashboard makes all relevant information easily accessible.

  • Extensions

    We offer additional modules to extend the system capabilities, such as density calculation for an even more detailed visitor analysis.

  • Broad passages

    Analyze traffic flows in passages with a width up to 18 meters using a single system. Wide streets are no issue for the ViSense system.

  • Export data

    ViSense provides an easy export function that makes all relevant information accessible in the most widely used spreadsheet programs, enabling you to perform your own analysis as well.
  • Powered by ViNotion

    The ViSense algorithms are developed by ViNotion, a cutting-edge expert in the field of intelligent image analysis.


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