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    ViSense TrafficDynamics

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  • Up to 97% accuracy

    for vehicle detection and classification in videos

  • 500 car models

    can be distinguished

Make & Model Recognition

In a project commissioned by the national police, ViNotion has demonstrated that make and model of vehicles can be recognized without using license plate recognition.

Although ViNotion was already a specialist in the field of intelligent video analysis, it had only limited experience with the detailed classification of vehicles. During a short period of four months, ViNotion has proven that it could use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to model vehicles based on example images of passing cars. The project took place on the A12 highway near Harmelen. In a short time, ViNotion has developed a Make And Model Recognition (MMR) system that is able to distinguish 500 different vehicle models. A total of three experiments were performed for the national police, which have been evaluated by an external party. Based on this validation it was shown that ViNotion is able to classify the make and model of vehicles with an accuracy of 97%. Even though the project has finished, ViNotion is continuously improving their MMR product. ViNotion aspires to keep their make and model definitions up-to-date with the recent developments of the car manufacturers.

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