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    ViSense UrbanDynamics

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  • One week

    project duration

  • 75.000 traffic participants


Counting traffic at the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven

The crossing at Kleine Berg in Eindhoven is getting more and more crowded with a multitude of traffic participants. On this crossing, pedestrians, cyclists, cars and trucks share the same space, without any lane guidance or traffic lights. During an entire week, ViNotion has analyzed this complex traffic situation for the municipality of Eindhoven.

The main purpose of this traffic analysis was to obtain insight in the usage of the crossing by the different traffic participants.

For this project, the ViSense UrbanDynamics system was used as a basis. To count and analyze all traffic participants at the crossing, three systems were installed, one for each access road. Furthermore, all three cameras have been calibrated, such that the movement of the traffic participants can be mapped to GPS trajectories. By combining the data from all three systems, ViNotion was able to measure the total traffic flow for this specific crossing. This raw counting data was then converted into a detailed report, giving insight in the usage of the crossing.

The result

In a single week, ViSense counted over 75,000 traffic participants. More than half of all traffic consisted of pedestrians, followed by cyclists (43%) and to a lesser extend cars (6%) and trucks (1%). Working days showed a clear peak in the number of cyclists during morning and evening rush hour. This peak was absent during the weekends, although weekends showed double the amount of pedestrians w.r.t. working days. Noteworthy, we registered that cars sometimes ignored the one-way street during rush hour and that during the entire week, there was not a single hour without traffic. It is fair to say that the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven is a vibrant part of the city.

Matthijs Zwemer
Project leader Kleine Berg in Eindhoven

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