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Traffic Shared Spaces Amsterdam

Behind the Amsterdam Central Station, there are separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrian. It has been investigated if the traffic flow improves by removing these lanes.

Traffic participants are coming from multiple directions and cross each other in the open space. Traffic moves between the ferries, the taxi stands, the Central Station and the cyclist tunnel underneath the station. How well does traffic actually flow on such a “Shared Space”?

ViNotion was asked to measure if this “Shared Space” influences the traffic flows. During a test of several weeks, a dozen ViSense counting cameras were installed to count both pedestrians and cyclists and analyze their movement patterns. With the exception of some hesitant traffic participants, the traffic flow seemed to be fine. The advanced ViSense analysis system appeared perfectly suited to analyze the number of traffic participants in this outside environment, achieving an overall accuracy above 95%.

More information

For more information on mobility studies using the UrbanDynamics system, we refer to the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven project.