ViSense Step-by-step installation (engels)

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After entering the IP-address of the ViSense system a login page appears. Here you can enter the username and password as provided by ViSense.

System nog configured

  1.  The highlighted text informs you that the system is not configured optimally.
  2. To start configuring, click ‘Camera Configuration’ at the top of the screen.

Camera configuration

  1. Change the name of the channel
  2. Enter the video source URL (camera RTSP URL)Stream
  3. Check 'Stream over TCP' if needed
  4. Check 'Enable Keep Alive' if needed

Perspective of the scene

To calibrate the scene, a screenshot is shown in which you can place two rulers, one in the near part and one in the far part of the screen. The ruler should be the same size as a person in that part of the image. Because of perspective, objects far away will appear smaller on the screen than objects nearby. For each corresponding ruler, an approximate real-world height must be entered.

Perspective angle

If the camera viewing angle is not exactly parallel to the count area passage, the scene perspective angle can be adjusted to match the walking direction in the count area. Use the red sliders to adjust the scene perspective angle.

Set counting direction name

On this page the direction names can be set. These names will be used to represent the data corresponding to the direction in the statistics graphs. Hint: use descriptive names; e.g. 'To the market' or 'From the square‘.

Set counting area

The counting area can be limited to rule out areas of non-interest from the scene. In the example shown above there is a billboard on the left side and people sitting on the right side. By adjusting the counting area the potential distortion from the sides are ignored as they are no longer part of the counting area.


After the previous steps have been finished, a configuration summary will appear. Please check the summary and if anything is incorrect it can be changed by going back to the incorrect step by using the grey ‘back’ arrow next to the summary. If all is correct, click ‘Apply’ to confirm.

Configuration confirmed

This message confirms that the camera configuration was saved and successful. Configuration is finished.

System fully configured

When returning to the main page (by clicking the ViSense logo), the current system status will be indicated by the colored messages. If all is fine, the messages will appear in green.