ViSense CrowdDynamics: Retail Understanding

Automatic People Counting is a valuable tool for various application domains. For retail and shopping centres it is important to understand the conversion factor: how many visitors actually result in sales. ViSense can also measure m the effect of different marketing activities or give you insight on the effect of events in or around the shopping centre. Counting the number of people in a complex pubic place like a hospital, airport, trade fare or amusement park allows to optimize the infrastructure or to control the flow of people.

ViSense is a reliable and easy to deploy system that counts people in wide streets, entrances or other passages of up to 18 meters. The system visualizes the counting results in real-time
to allow adequate response or control of the situation.

ViSense CrowdDynamics uses common High quality IP cameras that are suitable for mounting in a pole, against a wall or a ceiling. With a single camera, the system can count people passing through a wide passage of up to 18 m without the need for a lengthy span or multiple devices mounted at different sides of the road. Due to the bird-eye view setup of the camera, it is not needed to mount the camera at impractical heights or even above the scene. After installation of the hardware, the system is configured within a few minutes without requiring any expertise knowledge.


  • 24/7 accurate counting
  • Indoor and outdoor, robust to changing light conditions
  • Accurate even in crowded situations

Retail understanding

Karin is manager of a successful chain of stores. She understands that success depends on the ability to differentiate from competitors. Karin knows this can be done by choice of products, advertisement, opening hours, customer approach, background music, position of shelves. To measure the impact and efficiency of these differentiators Karin uses ViSense. By comparing the number of visiting customers with the purchases under different differentiators, Karin can easily quantify different combinations and measure which combination works best for optimizing the conversion rate.

About ViSense

ViSense is a professional system that provides reliable real-time statistics of people and traffic. The ViSense system contains a high quality visual camera sensor and a high-end analysis unit.
Whether you want to evaluate your data once a day, or need real-time integration with your own Data Management Systems, ViSense is the right system to choose. No matter which package you choose, your measurements are always generated with high accuracy and robustness, even in heavily crowded areas under various weather and light conditions.