ViSense CrowdDynamics v1.2.0

This document provides an overview of the changes for ViSense CrowdDynamics v1.2.0, released on June 7th, 2016.

The following sections describe the most notable changes for this release (aside from bugfixes and minor improvements). For the complete changelog, see below.

New feature: bicycle classification

New in this release is the possibility to classify passers-by as pedestrians or cyclists. In the statistics page you can now get an overview about the amount of pedestrians and cyclists that move in either direction (counting preset). This is true for both the cumulative as the hourly graph.

Please note that for this classification, the camera installation needs to calibrated, as bicycle classification also requires speed calculation. The camera calibration is manually performed from our office, please contact us for more information and pricing. If camera calibration is not activated, all passers-by will be classified as pedestrians.

Special message for system Integrators

For system integrators: if you want to extract the pedestrian/bicycle classification from the API, you can continue to use the existing websockets to retrieve counting data. Each counting packet contains classification information about the counted objects.
the WebSocket APIs for the counting data can be found at:


Alternatively, you can retrieve classification data per counted object. Please note that this will result in a lot of network traffic, as each individual registered object will be represented separately. The WebSocket API for classification data is:


For more documentation about the existing WebSocket, please check the documentation on your box at:

If you have no access to your ViSense system, please see here.

What’s next?

Of course we are always busy improving our current system and documentation. We are always interested in suggestions to improve ViSense, thus if you have any remarks or tips, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Complete changelog

New features

  • Bicycle classification.

Bug fixes

  • Default-valued parameters now stored properly in configuration.
  • Improvement of data integrity upon power failure.
  • Sped up recorder writing.
  • Fixed occasional crash when calling speed API when no speed is available.
  • Web UI: camera configuration fixes:
    • Maximum allowed ROI resets when previous configuration resulted in an illegal ROI.
    • Maximum allowed ROI resets when setting a maximum ROI of 0 with a 6 meter license.
    • Fixed ruler scaling.