ViSense TrafficDynamics v1.0.0

ViSense TrafficDynamics is the latest addition to the ViSense product family. This document provides on overview of the new features that this product offers. ViSense TrafficDynamics v1.0.0 is released on April 11th, 2017.

Traffic analysis

The new ViSense TrafficDynamics product provides analysis of traffic situations. Aimed for straight subsidiary roads and highways, the number of passing vehicles can be counted and speed can be analysed.

Camera viewpoint requirements

ViSense TrafficDynamics has a few requirements regarding the viewpoint of the camera towards the road. Version 1.0 aims at providing accurate traffic analysis when viewing the
rear of vehicles, that drive away from the camera on a straight road. The camera should be mounted above the road, either above the right-most lane, or next to the road at a
maximum of 6 meters distance from the road. The camera should be mounted at least 4 meters above ground. Please see the figure below for an example of the viewing angle.

Classification of six vehicles types

Besides regular counting, ViSense TrafficDynamics is able to detect and classify six different vehicle types. These classes are cars, trucks, motorcycles, touring cars, caravans (also including campers), and vans. Both the classifications of each object and the counting results grouped per class, are stored for later use.

Advanced analytics

Similar to our other ViSense products, ViSense TrafficDynamics offers advanced analytics on top of counting results. Vehicle trajectories are measured and can be translated to
real-world positions (measured as the distance from the camera in meters) and GPS positions. The speed of the vehicles is measured, as well as the throughput and density of
the traffic on the roads.
Please note that camera calibration is required for real-world/GPS positions and speed calculations. A full camera calibration is performed by our experts and can be purchased as an additional service. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Special message for system integrators

The data accumulated by ViSense TrafficDynamics can be retrieved using the ViSense API, which is identical for all ViSense products. For example, the counting results can be retrieved by connecting to the following websockets:


For further information, please view the documentation on your ViSense box at:

If you have no access to your ViSense system, click here.


We are continuously improving our current system and documentation. Therefore, we are always eager to hear your suggestions to improving ViSense.